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New diffraction data and crystal structure of HoCo0.67Ga1.33

  • Jialin Yan (a1), Liuqing Liang (a1), Xingwen Lu (a1), Lingmin Zeng (a1) and Liangqin Nong (a2)...


Compound HoCo0.67Ga1.33 was synthesized and studied by means of X-ray powder diffraction technique. HoCo0.67Ga1.33 was found to have the orthorhombic CeCu2 structure (space group Imma) with a=4.3479(2) Å, b=7.0351(3) Å, c=7.4876(3) Å, Z=4, and Dcalc=8.62 g/cm3. The crystal structure of HoCo0.67Ga1.33 was also refined by the Rietveld method. Ho atoms were found to occupy the 4e positions and mixed Co/Ga atoms to share the 8h positions of the space group Imma (No. 74).


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New diffraction data and crystal structure of HoCo0.67Ga1.33

  • Jialin Yan (a1), Liuqing Liang (a1), Xingwen Lu (a1), Lingmin Zeng (a1) and Liangqin Nong (a2)...


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