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Development of X-ray 2D dispersive device for WD-XRF imaging spectrometer

  • Takashi Ohmori (a1), Masatoshi Hatayama (a2), Tadayuki Ohchi (a2), Hisashi Ito (a2), Hisataka Takenaka (a2) and Kouichi Tsuji (a1)...


Micro-X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis provides us with elemental maps that are very useful for understanding the samples under test. Usually, scanning-type elemental mapping is performed. That means a sample stage is scanned to a fixed X-ray microbeam. XRF analysis is performed at the scanned points, leading to 2D elemental mapping. One of the drawbacks of this technique is the long acquisition time depending on the area being mapped and the lateral resolution required. Thus, projection-type elemental mapping has been studied. We have studied the projection type XRF imaging by using a straight polycapillary optic combined with an X-ray CCD camera. To obtain the elemental map, we applied a wavelength dispersive spectrometer (WDS). In this paper, we report a newly developed 2D dispersive device. The construction and analytical performance of this X-ray optic will be explained.


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Development of X-ray 2D dispersive device for WD-XRF imaging spectrometer

  • Takashi Ohmori (a1), Masatoshi Hatayama (a2), Tadayuki Ohchi (a2), Hisashi Ito (a2), Hisataka Takenaka (a2) and Kouichi Tsuji (a1)...


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