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A comparative study of Rietveld phase analysis of cement clinker using neutron, laboratory X-ray, and synchrotron data

  • Vanessa K. Peterson (a1), Abhi S. Ray (a1) and Brett A. Hunter (a2)


Rietveld refinement using neutron, laboratory X-ray, and synchrotron powder diffraction data of NIST SRM clinker 8488 was performed. Quantitative phase analysis (QPA) results were compared between data, and with other studies. QPA results for the main phases in the clinker were found to be in agreement between the different data used here, and in and other studies, although the QPA of the tricalcium silicate polymorphs was shown to be inconsistent. The QPA results for the tricalcium aluminate phase varied between data types, and the neutron data were unable to distinguish this phase.


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A comparative study of Rietveld phase analysis of cement clinker using neutron, laboratory X-ray, and synchrotron data

  • Vanessa K. Peterson (a1), Abhi S. Ray (a1) and Brett A. Hunter (a2)


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