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Phylogenetic analysis of wheat cultivars in Kazakhstan based on the wheat 90 K single nucleotide polymorphism array

  • Yerlan Turuspekov (a1), Joerg Plieske (a2), Martin Ganal (a2), Eduard Akhunov (a3) and Saule Abugalieva (a1)...


The recent introduction of Illumina single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) arrays is an important step towards comprehensive genome-wide studies of genetic diversity in wheat. In this study, 90 cultivars of hexaploid spring wheat growing in Kazakhstan were genotyped using the high-density wheat 90 K Illumina SNP array. The analysis allowed the identification of 30,288 polymorphic SNPs. A subset of 3541 high-quality SNPs were used for a comparison of 690 wheat accessions representing landraces and varieties, including those from Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, Kazakhstan, USA and other parts of the world. Phylogenetic analysis showed a clear separation of wheat cultivars according to their geographic origin. In the phylogenetic tree, accessions from Kazakhstan and the USA formed two neighbouring clusters with a common node, and they were distinct from accessions from other regions of the world, including Europe. The results provide important new insights into the genetic relationships between diverse wheat accessions.


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Phylogenetic analysis of wheat cultivars in Kazakhstan based on the wheat 90 K single nucleotide polymorphism array

  • Yerlan Turuspekov (a1), Joerg Plieske (a2), Martin Ganal (a2), Eduard Akhunov (a3) and Saule Abugalieva (a1)...


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