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Identification of QTL/segments related to seed-quality traits in G. soja using chromosome segment substitution lines

  • Wubin Wang (a1), Qingyuan He (a1), Hongyan Yang (a1), Shihua Xiang (a1), Guangnan Xing (a1), Tuanjie Zhao (a1) and Junyi Gai (a1)...


Annual wild soybean characterized by low 100-seed weight (100SW), high protein content (PRC) and low oil content (OIC) may have favourable exotic genes/alleles for broadening the genetic base of the cultivated soybean. To evaluate the wild alleles/segments, a chromosome segment substitution line population comprising 151 lines with N24852 (wild) as the donor and NN1138-2 (cultivated) as the recurrent parent was analysed using single-marker analysis, interval mapping, inclusive composite interval mapping and mixed linear composite interval mapping. On 14 segments of ten chromosomes, 17 quantitative trait loci (QTL) were identified, with two segments each containing two QTL for 100SW and OIC and one segment containing two QTL for PRC and OIC, respectively. All the seven wild alleles/segments for 100SW were associated with negative effects and three were associated with positive effects, but one was associated with a negative effect for PRC, and five were associated with negative effects, but one was associated with a positive effect for OIC. Except Satt216 and Sat_224 for 100SW, the identified QTL/segments have been reported from cultivated soybean mapping populations. The detected wild segments may provide materials for further characterization, cloning and pyramiding of the alleles conferring the seed-quality traits.


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