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Genome-wide expression analysis in a dwarf soybean mutant

  • Feng Zhang (a1) (a2), Yanting Shen (a2) (a3), Shi Sun (a4), Jianqiu Guo (a4), Congcong Li (a2) (a3), Cunxiang Wu (a4), Qing Li (a2) (a3), Hai Nian (a5), Xianzhong Huang (a1), Zhixi Tian (a2) and Tianfu Han (a4)...


Plant height is important for crop yield improvement. In this study, a dwarf mutant, Gmdwarf1, was screened from a γ-ray-treated soybean population. Compared with the wild type, the mutant exhibited later germination, smaller and darker green leaves, and less-elongated shoots. Genome-wide transcriptome detection through RNA-seq analysis revealed that not only gibberellin-related genes but many other genes involved in hormone biosynthetic pathways were also significantly influenced in the mutant. We presumed that Gmdwarf1 might play essential roles in the plant hormone pathways. Future functional analysis of this dwarf mutant would help us to understand the underlying mechanisms and be beneficial for improving soybean yield.


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Genome-wide expression analysis in a dwarf soybean mutant

  • Feng Zhang (a1) (a2), Yanting Shen (a2) (a3), Shi Sun (a4), Jianqiu Guo (a4), Congcong Li (a2) (a3), Cunxiang Wu (a4), Qing Li (a2) (a3), Hai Nian (a5), Xianzhong Huang (a1), Zhixi Tian (a2) and Tianfu Han (a4)...


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