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Enhancement of dwarf wheat germplasm with high-yield potential derived from induced mutagenesis

  • Hongchun Xiong (a1), Huijun Guo (a1), Yongdun Xie (a1), Linshu Zhao (a1), Jiayu Gu (a1), Shirong Zhao (a1), Junhui Li (a1) and Luxiang Liu (a1)...


The dwarfing wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) breeding has promoted a dramatic increase in yields. Since the utilized dwarfing genes in wheat are very limited, identification of novel dwarfing genes is necessary for improving the genetic diversity of wheat. In this study, more than 300 dwarfing wheat lines from induced mutation were screened by kompetitive allele-specific PCR and gibberellin (GA) treatment. The 17.49% of Rht-D1b and 1.37% of Rht-B1b dwarfing mutants were identified in this mutant group. Additionally, Rht-D1b mutants showed more effective in reduction of plant height and higher 1000-grain weight comparing with that of Rht-B1b mutants. By combing with comparison of yield components and expression profile of GA biosynthetic genes with wild-type, the GA-responsive mutant dm15 without directly involvement in GA metabolism, significantly increased 1000-grain weight but no change of other yield components in two locations of field experiments. Meanwhile, another elite mutant dm11 with change of GA biosynthetic genes expression was also identified. These mutants will be promising candidates for dwarfing wheat breeding.


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Enhancement of dwarf wheat germplasm with high-yield potential derived from induced mutagenesis

  • Hongchun Xiong (a1), Huijun Guo (a1), Yongdun Xie (a1), Linshu Zhao (a1), Jiayu Gu (a1), Shirong Zhao (a1), Junhui Li (a1) and Luxiang Liu (a1)...


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