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Manuel Pedro Ferreira, Antologia de Música em Portugal na Idade Média e no Renascimento (Lisbon: Arte das Musas, 2008). 2 vols. (186 + 152 pp.) + 2 CDs. €30.29. ISBN 978 989 95983 0 0; 978 989 95983 1 7. - Manuel Pedro Ferreira, ed., Medieval Sacred Chant: From Japan to Portugal, Estudos musicológicos 5 (Lisbon: Edições Colibri/Centro de Estudos de Sociologia e Estética Musical, 2008). 265 pp. €19.05. ISBN 978 972 772 789 6.

  • Emma Hornby


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1 In keeping with the format of the volume, only one side of this leaf is reproduced in Susana Zapke, ed., Hispania Vetus (Bilbao, 2007), 312–13.

2 See Ferreira, , ‘Three Fragments from Lamego’, Revista de Musicología 16 (1993), 457476 . Oddly, this fragment is not reproduced in Hispania Vetus. The second readable page of the fragment, not reproduced here, mostly comprises text, together with two (unnotated) chant incipits. There is an (apparently typographical) error here: Ferreira writes that second readable page of the Lamego fragment consists of material for none and Mass of Friday in the fifth week of Lent, while in ‘Three Lamego Fragments’, 459, he instead attributes this material to Friday in the fourth week of Lent.


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