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Toxoplasmosis in pregnancy: a neglected bane but a serious threat in Nigeria

  • Oyetunde T. Oyeyemi (a1) (a2), Ifeoluwa T. Oyeyemi (a1), Isaac A. Adesina (a1), Adebisi M. Tiamiyu (a1), Yinka D. Oluwafemi (a1), Roseangela I. Nwuba (a1) and Rafaella F. Q. Grenfell (a2)...


Toxoplasmosis is a global health threat in which occurrence in pregnant women poses grave consequences to fetal wellbeing. Studies on prenatal Toxoplasma gondii infection are generally limited in sub-Saharan African countries, including Nigeria. The risk of transmission of toxoplasmosis is very high in Nigeria due to the favourable climatic conditions and prevailing behavioural and socio-economic factors that could aid transmission. Currently, there are no systematic and organized procedures for diagnosis and treatment of maternal toxoplasmosis in Nigeria. These conditions forecast possible unabated transmission in many areas and exponential impact on associated adverse events of the disease during pregnancy. This paper highlights the importance of early diagnosis and treatment during pregnancy which may forestall subsequent development of infection in children delivered by infected mothers. Inclusion of toxoplasmosis control policy in the routine antenatal care of pregnant women is therefore strongly recommended.


Corresponding author

Author for correspondence: Oyetunde T. Oyeyemi, E-mail:


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Toxoplasmosis in pregnancy: a neglected bane but a serious threat in Nigeria

  • Oyetunde T. Oyeyemi (a1) (a2), Ifeoluwa T. Oyeyemi (a1), Isaac A. Adesina (a1), Adebisi M. Tiamiyu (a1), Yinka D. Oluwafemi (a1), Roseangela I. Nwuba (a1) and Rafaella F. Q. Grenfell (a2)...


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