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T cell-dependent elimination of dividing Trypanosoma grosi from the bloodstream of Mongolian jirds

  • H. SATO (a1), K. ISHITA (a1), A. OSANAI (a1), M. YAGISAWA (a1), H. KAMIYA (a1) and M. ITO (a2)...


Mongolian jirds, Meriones unguiculatus, are susceptible to infection with Trypanosoma grosi, which naturally parasitizes Apodemus spp. The present study investigated T cell dependence of elimination of T. grosi from the bloodstream of jirds by in vivo T cell depletion using a monoclonal antibody (HUSM-M.g.15). In T cell-depleted jirds, elimination of T. grosi, particularly the dividing forms, from the bloodstream was significantly delayed, occurring at around week 3 p.i. The kinetics of serum levels of IgM and IgG specific to trypanosomes in T cell-depleted and control immunocompetent jirds were different; peak levels of IgM were noted on days 6–8 p.i. around the time of peak parasitaemia (day 6 p.i.) in immunocompetent jirds, whereas the serum levels began to increase abruptly after day 10 p.i., peaking at around day 18 p.i. in T cell-depleted jirds. Similarly, serum IgG increased after day 6 p.i. in immunocompetent jirds, in contrast to after day 12 p.i. in T cell-depleted jirds, and the level increased steadily even after disappearance of parasitaemia. Our findings indicate that T cells play a major role at least in the ‘first crisis’ during elimination of dividing T. grosi from the bloodstream.


Corresponding author

Department of Parasitology, Hirosaki University School of Medicine, Hirosaki 036-8562, Japan. Fax: +81 172 39 5045. E-mail:


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T cell-dependent elimination of dividing Trypanosoma grosi from the bloodstream of Mongolian jirds

  • H. SATO (a1), K. ISHITA (a1), A. OSANAI (a1), M. YAGISAWA (a1), H. KAMIYA (a1) and M. ITO (a2)...


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