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A spectrum of functional genes mobilized after Trichinella spiralis infection in skeletal muscle

  • Z. WU (a1), I. NAGANO (a1), T. BOONMARS (a1) and Y. TAKAHASHI (a1)


Trichinella spiralis infection causes the transformation of infected muscle cells, which leads to nurse cell formation. To search for the candidate genes responsible for nurse cell formation, cDNA microarray analysis of muscle tissues was performed before and after Trichinella infection. The Atlas mouse 1.2 cDNA expression microarray revealed the expression profiles of 1176 known genes. Out of these, 311 gene expressions were detected in normal and/or infected muscles. After the infection, 184 out of the 311 genes increased in expression by more than 3-fold. These included genes responsible for cell differentiation, proliferation, cell cycle and apoptosis. Thus this study suggested candidate genes for further investigation to dissect the molecular mechanisms of nurse cell formation.


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A spectrum of functional genes mobilized after Trichinella spiralis infection in skeletal muscle

  • Z. WU (a1), I. NAGANO (a1), T. BOONMARS (a1) and Y. TAKAHASHI (a1)


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