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Spatiotemporal pattern analysis of schistosomiasis based on village level in the transmission control stage in lake and marshland areas in China

  • Yanyan Chen (a1), Jianbing Liu (a1), Ying Xiao (a1), Chenhui Zhong (a1), Fenghua Wei (a1) and Si Liu (a1)...


Hubei Province is one of the endemic regions with severe schistosomiasis in China. To eliminate schistosomiasis in lake and marshland regions, this study detected hotspots of schistosomiasis cases both spatially and spatiotemporally on the basis of spatial autocorrelation; clustering and outlier, purely spatial and spatiotemporal cluster analyses at the village level from 2013 to 2017 in Hubei Province. The number of cases confirmed positive by an immunodiagnostic test and etiological diagnosis and advanced schistosomiasis cases dramatically declined during the study period. Significant global spatial autocorrelation of schistosomiasis patients was found at the village level in the whole province in 5 years. Clustering and outlier analysis showed that most HH villages were mainly concentrated along the Yangtze River, especially in Jianghan Plain. Spatial and spatiotemporal cluster analyses showed that significant clusters of the schistosomiasis cases were detected at the village level. In general, space and spatiotemporal clustering of schistosomiasis cases at the village level demonstrated a downward trend from 2013 from 2017 in Hubei Province. High-risk regions included Jianghan Plain along the middle reach of Yangtze River and Yangxin County in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River in Hubei Province. To eliminate schistosomiasis, precise control and management of schistosomiasis cases should be strictly implemented. Moreover, comprehensive prevention and control measures should be continuously strengthened in these regions.


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Author for correspondence: Si Liu, E-mail: and Jianbing Liu, E-mail:


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Spatiotemporal pattern analysis of schistosomiasis based on village level in the transmission control stage in lake and marshland areas in China

  • Yanyan Chen (a1), Jianbing Liu (a1), Ying Xiao (a1), Chenhui Zhong (a1), Fenghua Wei (a1) and Si Liu (a1)...


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