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IgY antibody and human neurocysticercosis: a novel approach on immunodiagnosis using Taenia crassiceps hydrophobic antigens

  • Guilherme M. P. Carrara (a1), Gabriela B. Silva (a1), Lucas S. Faria (a1), Daniela S. Nunes (a1), Vanessa S. Ribeiro (a1), Camila A. Lopes (a1), Maria do Rosário F. Gonçalves-Pires (a1), Malu M. Santos (a2), Isabela P. Borges (a3), Álvaro Ferreira-Junior (a2), Veridiana M. R. Ávila (a3) and Julia M. Costa-Cruz (a1)...


Human neurocysticercosis (NCC) is a worldwide neglected disease caused by Taenia solium metacestode and responsible for various complications and neurological disorders. This study aimed to evaluate the use of specific immunoglobulin Y (IgY) produced by laying hens immunized with a hydrophobic fraction of Taenia crassiceps metacestodes (hFTc) in NCC diagnosis. Egg yolk IgY antibodies were fractionated, purified and characterized. Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) was carried out to evaluate the production kinetics and avidity maturation of anti-hFTc IgY antibodies throughout the IgY obtention process. Antigen recognition tests were carried out by Western blotting and immunofluorescence antibody test using purified and specific anti-hFTc IgY antibodies for detection of parasitic antigens of T. crassiceps and T. solium metacestodes. Sandwich ELISA was performed to detect circulating immune complexes formed by IgG and parasitic antigens in human sera. The results showed high diagnostic values (93.2% sensitivity and 94.3% specificity) for immune complexes detection in human sera with confirmed NCC. In conclusion, specific IgY antibodies produced from immunized hens with hFTc antigens were efficient to detect T. solium immune complexes in human sera, being an innovative and potential tool for NCC immunodiagnosis.


Corresponding author

Author for correspondence: Julia M. Costa-Cruz, E-mail:


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IgY antibody and human neurocysticercosis: a novel approach on immunodiagnosis using Taenia crassiceps hydrophobic antigens

  • Guilherme M. P. Carrara (a1), Gabriela B. Silva (a1), Lucas S. Faria (a1), Daniela S. Nunes (a1), Vanessa S. Ribeiro (a1), Camila A. Lopes (a1), Maria do Rosário F. Gonçalves-Pires (a1), Malu M. Santos (a2), Isabela P. Borges (a3), Álvaro Ferreira-Junior (a2), Veridiana M. R. Ávila (a3) and Julia M. Costa-Cruz (a1)...


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