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Religious and Moral Conditions Among the Canadian Pioneers1

  • John T. McNeill (a1)


The generous phraseology of our title may suggest a field of inquiry larger than that covered by the following study. The data to be here considered are derived from the records of life in Protestant settlements formed after the close of the French régime (1763) and within the provinces east of Lake Huron. The accompanying bibliography will indicate the principal sources utilized, and the limitations of these will be noted by expert students. While admittedly incomplete, they have been sufficient to illustrate certain phases of pioneer religious and social life, and the writer feels justified in the hope that the main impressions here given will not be negatived by further investigation.



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I am indebted to Mrs. H. A. Innes for the use of notes taken by her in the Canadian Archives, and to Rev. C. J. Cameron for access to materials in his custody on the history of Canadian Baptist Missions.

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