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Population Structure of Live and Dead Gastropods from Bahia la Choya

  • Patricia M. Hartshorne (a1), William B. Gillespie (a1) and Karl W. Flessa (a1)


Size-frequency distributions and size-survivorship curves were constructed for the following seven species of living gastropods from Bahia la Choya: Cerithidea mazatlanica, Cerithidea albonodosa, Cerithium stercusmuscarum, Nassarius iodes, Nassarius brunneostoma, Theodoxus luteofasciatus and Tegula rugosa. Size-frequency distributions and size-survivorship curves of empty shells of Cerithidea mazatlanica and Cerithium stercusmuscarum were constructed to evaluate the effects of taphonomic processes on survivorship curves.

All size-survivorship curves are convex-up in shape: small size classes show low mortality and mortality increases with increasing size. Despite post-mortem processes, survivorship curves for empty shells mimic the shape of curves based on live individuals.



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Population Structure of Live and Dead Gastropods from Bahia la Choya

  • Patricia M. Hartshorne (a1), William B. Gillespie (a1) and Karl W. Flessa (a1)


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