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Geometric and Photometric Data Fusion in Non-Rigid Shape Analysis

  • Artiom Kovnatsky (a1), Dan Raviv (a2), Michael M. Bronstein (a1), Alexander M. Bronstein (a3) and Ron Kimmel (a2)...


In this paper, we explore the use of the diffusion geometry framework for the fusion of geometric and photometric information in local and global shape descriptors. Our construction is based on the definition of a diffusion process on the shape manifold embedded into a high-dimensional space where the embedding coordinates represent the photometric information. Experimental results show that such data fusion is useful in coping with different challenges of shape analysis where pure geometric and pure photometric methods fail.


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Geometric and Photometric Data Fusion in Non-Rigid Shape Analysis

  • Artiom Kovnatsky (a1), Dan Raviv (a2), Michael M. Bronstein (a1), Alexander M. Bronstein (a3) and Ron Kimmel (a2)...


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