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Bivariate Polynomial Interpolation over Nonrectangular Meshes

  • Jiang Qian (a1), Sujuan Zheng (a1), Fan Wang (a2) and Zhuojia Fu (a3)


In this paper, bymeans of a new recursive algorithm of non-tensor-product-typed divided differences, bivariate polynomial interpolation schemes are constructed over nonrectangular meshes firstly, which is converted into the study of scattered data interpolation. And the schemes are different as the number of scattered data is odd and even, respectively. Secondly, the corresponding error estimation is worked out, and an equivalence is obtained between high-order non-tensor-product-typed divided differences and high-order partial derivatives in the case of odd and even interpolating nodes, respectively. Thirdly, several numerical examples illustrate the recursive algorithms valid for the non-tensor-product-typed interpolating polynomials, and disclose that these polynomials change as the order of the interpolating nodes, although the node collection is invariant. Finally, from the aspect of computational complexity, the operation count with the bivariate polynomials presented is smaller than that with radial basis functions.


Corresponding author

*Corresponding author. Email addresses: (J. Qian), (S.-J. Zheng), (F. Wang), (Z.-J. Fu)


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Bivariate Polynomial Interpolation over Nonrectangular Meshes

  • Jiang Qian (a1), Sujuan Zheng (a1), Fan Wang (a2) and Zhuojia Fu (a3)


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