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Are There Distigme-Obelos Symbols in Vaticanus?

  • Richard G. Fellows (a1)


1 Cor 14.34–5 appears to silence women in church. Philip Payne's recent paper attempts to add to the evidence that Paul did not write these verses. He claims that codex Vaticanus has an obelos at the start of 1 Cor 14.34 (as well as a distigme), indicating added text. However, the bar in Vaticanus at 1 Cor 14.34 is indistinguishable from paragraphoi and Payne's case that it is an obelos is based on systematic measurement errors.



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1 See, for example, Fee, G. D., The First Epistle to the Corinthians (TNICNT; Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1987) 699705.

2 Payne, P. B., ‘Vaticanus Distigme-Obelos Symbols Marking Added Text, Including 1 Corinthians 14.34–5’, NTS 63 (2017) 604–25. The paper is open access online at:

3 Payne, ‘Vaticanus Distigme-Obelos Symbols’, 610.

4 Payne kindly published these measurements in his comment on 30 Sept 2017 at:

5 I measured each bar three times and, from the repeat measurements, calculated the standard deviation of the measurement error. The error bars represent +/– one standard deviation. The small differences between repeat measurements were mainly due the subjective nature of decisions about how to define the margin location.

7 Payne, ‘Vaticanus Distigme-Obelos Symbols’, 610.

8 Payne, ‘Vaticanus Distigme-Obelos Symbols’, 610.

9 At 1462C; 1463B; 1464B; 1465A; 1466B; 1467A, B; 1468A, B; 1469C; 1470A, B, C; 1471B; 1473A; 1475B; 1476B.

10 At 1463B7; 1464B3, C26; 1465A23; 1466A1, B25; 1467A6, B18; 1468C25; 1470A40; 1473C31; 1476C22, 31.

11 I want to thank Philip Payne for his exemplary willingness to share data and views both privately and in open forum. Such dialogue makes progress possible.


Are There Distigme-Obelos Symbols in Vaticanus?

  • Richard G. Fellows (a1)


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