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QuornTM Myco-protein - Overview of a successful fungal product



Fungi have provided food for man, primarily in the form of fruit bodies of basidiomycetes and a few ascomycetes, for thousands of years. Similarly, yeasts have provided dietary supplements (e.g. vitamins) in the form of beer and bread. However, it has not been until the last 18 years that a filamentous fungus has been deliberately cultured for use as a primary source of protein for people. This is the filamentous fungus Fusarium venenatum A3/5 (ATCC PTA-2684), which is grown in continuous flow culture to produce mycoprotein, which is sold under the trade name QuornTM in the UK, the USA and at least 8 other European countries, including Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland.




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