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ZnO:Al Thin Films by Successive Chemical Solution Deposition for Transistors Applications

  • Luis A. González (a1), Sara E. Ramírez (a1) and Martín I. Pech-Canul (a1)


Here, we show results on the deposition of ZnO:Al thin films by the successive ionic layer adsorption and reaction method. The growing of the films was performed by sequentially immersing glass and SiO2/Si substrates in water at temperatures close to the boiling point, a precursor reaction solution, water at room temperature and ultrasonic water bath. The resulting ZnO:Al films were transparent and well adhered to the substrates. From X-ray diffraction analysis was determined that the ZnO:Al films had hexagonal wurtzite structure with preferential orientation along the c-axis. Changes in the morphology of the films were obtained from ellipsoidal-shaped aggregates for the undoped ZnO films to spherical-shaped aggregates for the ZnO:Al films. The optical transparency and bandgap of the ZnO:Al films was about 85% and 3.28 eV, respectively. Thin film transistors were fabricated with ZnO:Al films as active layers. The characterized device had a saturation mobility of 0.048 cm2/V-s, threshold voltage of approximately 16.1 V and a drain current on-to-off ratio (Ion/Ioff) in the order of 103.



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