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Zeolates: A Coordination Chemistry View of Metal-Ligand Bonding in Intrazeolite MOCVD Type Precursors and Semiconductor Nanoclusters

  • Geoffrey A. Ozin (a1), Carol L. Bowes (a1) and Mark R. Steele (a1)


Various MOCVD (metal-organic chemical vapour deposition) type precursors and their self-assembled semiconductor nanocluster products [1] have been investigated in zeolite Y hosts. From analysis of in situ observations (FTIR, UV-vis reflectance, Mössbauer, MAS-NMR) of the reaction sequences and structural features of the precursors and products (EXAFS and Rietveld refinement of powder XRD data) the zeolite is viewed as providing a macrospheroidal, multidendate coordination environment towards encapsulated guests. By thinking about the α- and β-cages of the zeolite Y host effectively as a zeolate ligand composed of interconnected aluminosilicate “crown ether-like” building blocks, the materials chemist is able to better understand and exploit the reactivity and coordination properties of the zeolite internal surface for the anchoring and self-assembly of a wide range of encapsulated guests. This approach helps with the design of synthetic strategies for creating novel guest-host inclusion compounds having possible applications in areas of materials science such as nonlinear optics, quantum electronics, and size/shape selective catalysis.



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1. The terminology semiconductor nanocluster used in this and other papers is meant to describe an aggregate composed of the atomic components of known bulk semiconductors.
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