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XRD Study of the Influence of Heat Treatment on the Microstructure of Sol-Gel Processed ZrO2-Y2O3 Ceramics

  • C. Barrera-Solano (a1), M. PiÑero (a1), C. Jiménez-Solís (a1) and L. Gago-Duport (a2)


YSZ samples containing 5 and 10 mol% of Y203 were prepared by controlled hydrolysis of metal alkoxides. The dried powders were calcined at 800°C and then they were uniaxially pressed and sintered at different temperatures and next heated at 1400°C (∼ 5 MPa) or annealed at 1600°C for 24 h. The quantitative analysis of the experimental X-ray diffraction (XRD) spectra was performed by Whole Pattern Fitting (WPF). A Pseudo-Voigt (Thompson-Cox-Hastings) was used as shape profile function. The respective phase fractions (wt %) were fitted for both solid state solutions using the scale factor. The heat treatment induced changes are discussed.



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