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X-Ray Reflectometry Determination of Structural Information from Atomic Layer Deposition Nanometer-scale Hafnium Oxide Thin Films

  • Donald Windover (a1), D. L. Gil (a2), J. P. Cline (a3), A Henins (a4), N. Armstrong (a5), P. Y. Hung (a6), S. C. Song (a7), R. Jammy (a8) and A. Diebold (a9)...


This work demonstrates the application of a Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) approach to modeling X-ray reflectometry (XRR) data taken from a sub 10 nm Hafnium oxide film. We present here a comparison of two structural models for a 6 nm HfxOy atomic layer deposition (ALD) film on Si. Using the MCMC method and two distinct structural models, we show evidence of a thin interface between the HfxOy and Si layers with a density much higher than native SiO2. Results from genetic algorithm XRR analysis and thickness measurements using cross-sectional transmission electron microscopy are included for comparison. We also demonstrate that our interpretation of HfxOy thickness differs between the two structural models (i.e., total film thicknesses may be partially additive within each model).



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