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X-RAY Diagnostics of Large-Period Lattice-Matched InGaAs/InP Superlattices

  • J. M. Vandenberg (a1), D. Rttter (a1), R. A. Hamm (a1), S. N. G. Chu (a1) and M. B. Panish (a1)...


The interfacial structure of InGaAs/InP superlattices grown on (100) InP by metalorganic molecular beam epitaxy has been studied by fully dynamical simulations of high-resolution x-ray diffraction curves of the (200) and (400) reflectjon. The superlattice under investigation is lattice-matched and has a long period of ∼630Å. This kind of structure creates a very symmetrical x-ray pattern enveloping a large number of closely spaced satellite intensities with pronounced maxima and minima. It appears in the dynamical analysis that the position and shape of these maxima and minima is extremely sensitive to the number N of monolayers and atomic spacing d of the InGaAs and InP layer, as well as the presence of interfacial layers and impurities.



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