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X-Ray Absorption and Resistivity Studies of the Quinary-Compound Superconductor Y-Ba-Cu-O-S

  • S. Spagna (a1), J. Althoff (a1), Y. D. Yao (a1), F. Xu (a1), L. Y. Jang (a1), A. Krol (a1) and Y. H. Kao (a1)...


A quinary-compound system consisting of Y, Ba, Cu, O, and S has been prepared in our laboratory. The nominal composition of Y, Ba, Cu, and O is similar to the well known material YBa2Cu3O7-y; the addition of S is intended to partially substitute the O sites. X-ray absorption measurements show that the lattice is distorted with the presence of S atoms. The transition temperature is found to decrease from 93K to about 77K with an increasing S content up to a S/Cu concentration ratio near 0.25; further increase of S results in unstable superconducting behavior and very broad resistive transition.



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