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What does an (a+c) dislocation core look like in wurtzite GaN ?

  • Imad Belabbas (a1), Gerard Nouet (a2), A. Béré (a3), J. Chen (a4), S. Petit (a5), M.A. Belkhir (a6), P. Ruterana (a7) and Ph. Komninou (a8)...


Here we present results on the first atomic simulation of the threading (a+c)-mixed dislocation cores in wurtzite GaN. These calculations are based on a modified Stillinger-Weber potential. For this dislocation two core configurations are shown to be stable, one with a complex double 5/6-atoms rings and the other a with 5/7-atom rings structures. The two cores contain neither wrong nor dangling bonds.



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What does an (a+c) dislocation core look like in wurtzite GaN ?

  • Imad Belabbas (a1), Gerard Nouet (a2), A. Béré (a3), J. Chen (a4), S. Petit (a5), M.A. Belkhir (a6), P. Ruterana (a7) and Ph. Komninou (a8)...


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