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Wetting Of Ion Containg Polymers: Micelles Versus Molecular Absorption

  • T. A. Hill (a1), X. Jiao (a1), C. W. Martin (a1), D. D. Demarteau (a1) and D. Perahia (a1)...


The wetting behavior of perfluorinated ionomers has been investigated as a function of polymer-surface interaction, the nature of the counter-ion and the structure of the polymer in the solvent from which it has been cast onto the surface. Two different ion-containing polymers, with a per-fluoro-carbon backbone were studied. They differ in the chemical composition and the polarity of their side chains. AFM results together with neutron reflectivity, light scattering and surface tension measurements had shown that the structure of the polymer in the parent solution has a profound effect on the wetting properties as well as the surface structure of the polymers.


Corresponding author

*Author for correspondence.


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Wetting Of Ion Containg Polymers: Micelles Versus Molecular Absorption

  • T. A. Hill (a1), X. Jiao (a1), C. W. Martin (a1), D. D. Demarteau (a1) and D. Perahia (a1)...


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