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A Water Vapor Sensor Application of Sn1-xFexO2-δ Fibers

  • Juan Manuel Rodríguez (a1), Amanda Watson (a1), Ildeman Abrego (a1), José Domingos Ardisson (a2), Carlos Ariel Samudio (a3) and Eleicer Antonio Ching-Prado (a1)...


Tin oxide is of great interest due to their potential technological applications, such as: gas sensors, energy conversion, catalysts and others. Appropriate doping can further enhance the conductivity of the SnO2 material with little loss of transparency. Isolated tin iron oxide fibers (Sn1-xFexO2-δ) with x (molar %) = 0, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 were prepared by the electrospinning technique. Anhydrous SnCl4, FeCl6H2O, different alcohols, chloroform and a polymer (PEO) were used as precursor materials. Appropriate mixture of these reagents defines the deposition solution. The samples were deposited on glass substrates and annealed at 500o C. The fibers are characterized by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), impedance spectroscopy and temperature dependence current-voltage measurements. The fibers with diameters between 2 to 12 microns were used for sensorial purpose. Thus, water vapor sensor responses were also measured and the experimental results are tested using the Freundlich isotherms model.


Corresponding author


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