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Visualization of Ion Channeling of (100)Si and Si1-xGex Epitaxial Grown Layers on Silicon

  • M. Xu (a1), Z. Atzmon (a1), A. Schroer (a1), B. Wilkens (a1) and J.W. Mayer (a1)...


Three dimensional visualization of ion channeling spectra was obtained by computer graphics in order to observe the crystalline quality and the strain state of thin films. Pure (100)Si and Si1-xGex (x=0.10, 0.18) layers, epitaxially grown on (100)Si substrates, were channeled along the <110> crystal axis with the 2 MeV He++ ion beam in a UHV target chamber. The data were interpolated using a standard bicubic tensor product B-spline surface with uniform knot sequences in x and y directions. With this modeling technique we have shown the orientation of the major planes in a diamond crystal and the angular displacement of the Ge signal in the SiGe epilayer relative to the Si substrate signal due to the presence of tetragonal distortion in the epilayer.



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