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Visible Photoluminescence From Si Ion-Implanted and Thermally Annealed SiO2 Films

  • Y. Kanemitsu (a1), N. Shimizu (a1), S. Okamoto (a1), T. Komoda (a2), P. L. F. Hemment (a3) and B. J. Sealy (a3)...


We have experimentally studied the photoluminescence (PL) properties of Si clusters in SiO2 glassy matrices. Si clusters in the SiO2 matrices were fabricated by Si+ ion implantation into SiO2 glasses and then thermally annealed in forming gas. Broad PL peaks are observed in the visible spectral region at room temperature. Resonantly excited PL spectra indicate that the strong coupling of excitons and stretching vibrations of the Si-0 bonds causes the broad luminescent spectra. It is concluded that the interaction between electronic and vibrational excitations controls the luminescent emission and the observed dynamics.



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