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Visible Photoluminescence and Microstructure of Annealed and Chemically Etched Amorphous Si

  • K. H. Jung (a1), S. Shih (a1), D. L. Kwong (a1), C. C. Cho (a2) and B. E. Gnade (a2)...


We have studied the visible photoluminescence (PL) and microstructure of porous Si layers (PSLs) fabricated by the chemical etching of annealed amorphous Si (a-Si). The a-Si layers were partially crystallized by annealing between 550°C-1150°C in N2 and the PSL formed by etching in a HF-HNO3-based solution. No visible PL was observed after etching of unannealed a-Si. Visible PL was detected after etching a-Si layers first annealed at temperatures ≥725°C, coinciding with the observation of Si microcrystallites in the annealed layer prior to etching. The results suggest that an initial crystalline structure is important for fabricating luminescent PSLs.



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