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Vibronic Structure of PTCDA Stacks: Monomer-Dimer Equilibrium

  • Zoltán G. Soos (a1), Margaret H. Hennessy (a1) and Vladimir Bulovic (a2)


Solution spectra of perylenetetracarboxylic dianhydride (PTCDA) show an equilibrium between monomers and dimers, with fluorescence exclusively from monomers and absorption from both. The dimer absorption follows closely the spectrum of PTCDA stacks in crystalline films, which indicate strong coupling to a molecular vibration and mixing of Frenkel and charge-transfer excitons. The same model accounts for solution spectra.



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Vibronic Structure of PTCDA Stacks: Monomer-Dimer Equilibrium

  • Zoltán G. Soos (a1), Margaret H. Hennessy (a1) and Vladimir Bulovic (a2)


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