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VHF Plasma Deposition of μc-Si p-Layer Materials

  • X. Deng (a1), S. J. Jones (a1), T. Liu (a1), M. Izu (a1), S. R. Ovshinsky (a1) and K. Hoffman (a2)...


Microcrystalline silicon (μc-Si) p-layers have been widely used in amorphous silicon (a-Si) solar cell research and manufacturing to achieve record high solar cell efficiency. In order to further improve the solar cell performance and achieve wider parameter windows for the process conditions, we studied the deposition of high quality μc-Si p-layer material using a very high frequency (VHF) plasma enhanced CVD process. A design of experiment (DOE) approach was used for the exploration and optimization of deposition parameters. The usage of DOE leads to a quick optimization of the deposition process within a short time frame. In addition, by using a modified VHF deposition process, we have improved the solar cell blue response which leads to a 6–10% improvement in the solar cell efficiency. Such an improvement is likely due to an improved microcrystalline formation in the p-layer.



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9. Due to the proprietary nature of this process, the details of the modified VHF process is not disclosed at this time while a patent application for the process is being prepared.

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VHF Plasma Deposition of μc-Si p-Layer Materials

  • X. Deng (a1), S. J. Jones (a1), T. Liu (a1), M. Izu (a1), S. R. Ovshinsky (a1) and K. Hoffman (a2)...


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