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Versatile Nanodeposition of Dielectrics and Metals by Non-contact Direct-Write Technology

  • H. D. Wanzenboeck (a1), H. Langfischer (a1), S. Harasek (a1), B. Basnar (a1), H. Hutter (a2) and E. Bertagnolli (a1)...


Direct-write techniques allow processing in the nanometer range and have become powerful methods for rapid prototyping of microelectronic circuits and micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS). Chemical reactions are initiated by a focused beam leading to deposition of solid material on literally any surface. We have used this method to deposit metals such as tungsten and dielectrics such as silicon oxide using a focused ion beam (FIB) with 10 to 50 kV acceleration voltage. Controlled guidance of the beam allows deposition of both metallic and dielectric material with features in the 100 nm range. The deposition of separate structures of metallic and dielectric material deposited next to each other is shown on samples of different roughness. 3-dimensional exemplary prototypes in the sub-μm range and multilayer structures demonstrate the versatility of this method for prototyping and mix-and-match approaches with commercial semiconductor devices. A characterization of the deposited material was performed to clarify chemical composition and surface morphology of deposited structures. The deposition parameters were found to influence the chemical composition and electronic properties of the material. Direct-write deposition of dielectrics and metals by FIB allows fabrication of 3-dimensional prototypes with custom-tailored material properties.



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