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Variation of Thermal Donors in Diffused Wafers by rapid Thermal Annealing

  • Takahide Sugiyama (a1), Akira Usami (a1), Akira Ito (a1), Taichi Natori (a2), Yutaka Tokuda (a1) and Takao Wada (a1)...


Variations of thermal donors (TDs) in highly phosphorus-diffused n-type silicon wafers (diffused wafer) have been studied with deep-level transient spectroscopy and capacitance-voltage measurements. The introduction and annihilation of TDs have been performed with heat treatment at 450°C and rapid thermal annealing (RTA) in the temperature range 600-900°C,respectively. In diffused floating zone-grown (FZ) silicon wafer, TDs were observed. It is thought that oxygen diffuses into FZ silicon during the diffusion process, since no TDs are generally formed in FZ silicon for the low oxygen concentration. The behavior of TDs in diffused wafer corresponded with that in oxygen-rich bulk silicon. TDs were completely annihilated by RTA at 700 and 800°C for the as-diffused wafers and the heat-treated ones at 450°C for 24 h, respectively, and the annihilation rate for the as-diffused wafers was fast, as compare to that for the heat-treated ones. This results may be caused by difference in the total concentration and cluster size of TDs.



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