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Van Der Waals Epitaxy of GaSe on WSe2

  • O. Lang (a1), R. Schlaf (a1), Y. Tomm (a1), C. Pettenkofer (a1) and W. Jaegermann (a1)...


GaSe layers were grown on the van der Waals (0001) planes of WSe2 (van der Waals epitaxy). The substrate (0001) plane was cleaned in UHV by heating to 400°C. GaSe was deposited from resistively heated Knudsen cells at T=300° C. After annealing at 450°C an epitaxial GaSe overlayer is formed as evidenced by X-ray diffraction, scanning tunneling microscopy, low energy electron diffraction and photoelectron spectroscopy.



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Van Der Waals Epitaxy of GaSe on WSe2

  • O. Lang (a1), R. Schlaf (a1), Y. Tomm (a1), C. Pettenkofer (a1) and W. Jaegermann (a1)...


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