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UV-Optics for Excimer Laser based Crystallization Processes

  • H.-J. Kahlert (a1), Frank Simon (a1) and Berthold Burghardt (a1)


Laser based crystallization of thin amorphous films on glass substrates have entered into industrial applications since several years. The excimer laser based process provides a low temperature procedure to obtain polycrystalline silicon films on flat panel display substrates to fabricate thin film transistors (TFT's).

The key to this application is a uniform illumination of the. Line Beam systems provide up to 365mm long homogeneous exposure fields operated with up to 300 W average power 308nm excimer lasers. The paper covers a technical overview of Line Beam Optics layout, recent developments and results.

Further high resolution optics are described and discussed for sequential lateral solidification (SLS) (1,2,3) processes. The SLS application has demonstrated to efficiently produce directionally solidified microstructures or even grain-boundary –free regions on Si-films. Diffraction limited resolution in the range of several micrometers and high optical throughput are important parameters to this application.

General considerations are presented to describe technical limits which compromise laser beam related coherence effects, optimum uniform illumination, adequate resolution and depth of focus and optical efficiency for the practical application.



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(1) Im, J.S. and Kim, H.J., “On the super lateral growth phenomenon observed in excimer laser-induced crystallization oh thin Si films”, Appl. Phys. Lett., Vol. 64, No 18, 23032305, 1994
(2) Crowder, M.A., Carey, P.G., Smith, P.M., Sposili, R.S., Cho, H.S. and Im, J.S., «Low-temperature single-crystal Si TFT's fabricated on Si films processes via sequential lateral solidification», IEEE Electron Devices Letters, Vol. 19, No.8, 306308, 1998
(3) Sposili, R.S., Im, J.S., “Line-scan sequential lateral solidification of Si thin films”, Applied Physics A 67, 273276, 1998

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UV-Optics for Excimer Laser based Crystallization Processes

  • H.-J. Kahlert (a1), Frank Simon (a1) and Berthold Burghardt (a1)


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