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UV Photon-Assisted Refractory Metal Deposition

  • G. A. Kovall (a1), J. C. Matthews (a2) and R. Solanki (a1)


We have been investigating deposition of tungsten and molybdenum films at lover temperatures than conventional CVD processes with the aid of ultraviolet photons. The photon source is a high intensity, medium-pressure mercury lamp. W and Mo films have been deposited from their respective hexacarbonyls. W films have also been obtained by photon enhanced reduction of tungsten hexafluoride. In all cases films were deposited over 75 mm diameter substrates, which included quartz, silicon dioxide, and silicon wafers. The deposition system, conditions and the properties of the photodeposited films are presented.



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UV Photon-Assisted Refractory Metal Deposition

  • G. A. Kovall (a1), J. C. Matthews (a2) and R. Solanki (a1)


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