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Unimolecular Precursors to Binary Metal Sulfides: Mechanistic and Structural Correlations

  • Rodney D. Schluter (a1), Gertrude Kräuter (a1) and William S. Rees (a1)


The roles which ligand size and stability play in influencing solid-state thermolyses products and phases are developed for a group of metal thiolate compounds. The exploration includes Pb(SR)2 [R = t-Bu, i-Bu, s-Bu], Cd(SR*)2 [ R* = i-Pr, I-Bu, Bz], ClHgSR** [ R** = i- Pr, neo-Pent, Bz] and In(SR***)3 [R*** = 2,4,6-(i-Pr)3C6H2, 2-CH3O-5-CH3C6H3, o- C6H4CH2N(CH3)2]. In several examples, the precursors have been characterized by single crystal X-ray diffraction. In most cases, solid-state decomposition products have been identified by XRPD, and volatile decomposition products have been identified by GC/MS. All precursors have been studied by TGA.



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