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Underflow Process for Direct-Chip-Attachment Packaging

  • P. C. Li (a1), G. L. Lehmann (a2), J. Cascio (a1), T. Driscoll (a1), Y. J. Huang (a1) and E. J. Cotts (a1)...


In flip-chip packaging an underfill mixture is placed into the chip-to-substrate standoff created by the array of solder bumps, using a capillary flow process. The flow behavior is a complex function of the mixture properties, the wetting properties, and the flow geometry. This paper reports on the use of a plane channel capillary flow to characterize underfill materials. The measured flow behavior provides evidence that both the contact angle (θ) and the suspension viscosity (μapp) vary with time under the Influence of changing flow conditions. This nonlinear fluid behavior is modeled for the flow of both model suspensions and commercial underfill materials using an extended Washburn model.



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