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Ultrafast Self-Assembly of Microscale Particles by Open-Channel Flow

  • Sun Choi (a1), Albert P. Pisano (a2) and Tarek I. Zohdi (a3)


We developed an ultrafast microfluidic approach to self-assemble microparticles in threedimensions by taking advantage of simple photolithography and capillary action of microparticle-dispersed suspensions. The experimental verifications of the assembly of various sizes of silica microspheres and silica gel microspheres within thin and long open microchannels by using this approach have been demonstrated. We anticipate that the presented technique will be widely used in semiconductor and Bio-MEMS (microelectromechanical Systems) fields because it offers a fast way to control 3D, microscale particle assemblies and also has superb compatibility with photolithography, which can lead to an easy integration of particle assembly with existing CMOS (complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor) and MEMS fabrication processes.



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