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  • Z.C. FENG (a1), A. MASCARENHAS (a1), W.J. CHOYKE (a1) (a2), R.F.C. FARROW (a2), J. GREGGI (a1) and F.A. SHIRLAND (a2)...


A series of MBE grown CdTe films were grown on (100) InSb substrates. The substrate temperature, Ts, was varied from 170° to 285°C in eleven steps. Low temperature (∿2K) photoluminescence measurements and TEM have been combined to show a strong correlation between defect density and the details of the luminescence spectra. A natural division is obtained for samples grown with substrate temperatures from 285°C to 250°C (Region I) and from 225°C to 170°C (Region II).



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