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Two - Color Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy of Isoelectronic Centers in Silicon

  • N.Q. Vinh (a1) and T. Gregorkiewicz (a1)


One of the open questions in semiconductor physics is the origin of the small splittings of the excited states of bound excitons in silicon. A free electron laser as a tunable source of the mid-infrared radiation (MIR) can be used to investigate such splittings of the excited states of optical centers created by transition metal dopants in silicon. In the current study, the photoluminescence from silver and copper doped silicon is investigated by two color spectroscopy in the visible and the MIR. It is shown the PL due recombination of exciton bound to Ag and Cu is quenched upon application of the MIR beam. The time-resolved photoluminescence measurements and the quenching effects of these bands are presented. By scanning the wavelength of the free-electron laser ionization spectra of relevant traps involved in photoluminescence are obtained. The formation and dissociation of the bound excitons, and the small splittings of the effective-mass excited states are discussed. The applied experimental method allows correlation of DLTS data on trapping centers to specific channels of radiative recombination. It can be applied for spectroscopic analysis in materials science of semicondutors.



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Two - Color Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy of Isoelectronic Centers in Silicon

  • N.Q. Vinh (a1) and T. Gregorkiewicz (a1)


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