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T-Site Trapped Molecular Hydrogen in Hot Wire a-Si:H

  • J. Herberg (a1), P. A. Fedders (a1), D. J. Leopold (a1), R. E. Norberg (a1) and R. E. Schropp (a2)...


Proton NMR and proton-29Si double resonance NMR have been performed on hot wire a-Si:H films deposited from SiH4. Results are compared with those from conventional plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition a-Si:H. Proton nutational angle studies and proton-29Si spin-echo double resonance (SEDOR) signals at 80 and 294 K indicate that a significant proton resonance population arises from T-site-trapped molecular H2. The hot wire films also display a ≥80 kHz FWHM uperbroad proton line and a sharp feature diamagnetically shifted by 25 ppm.



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1. Norberg, R. E., Leopold, D. J., Fedders, P. A., Borzi, R., Chan, P. H., Herberg, J., and Tomic, N., Mat. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc. Vol. 609, A.26.2.1 (2000).
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