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TRIP Steel Deformation Behavior by Neutron Diffraction

  • Stefanus Harjo (a1), Noriyuki Tsuchida (a2), Wu Gong (a1), Jun Abe (a1) and Kazuya Aizawa (a1)...


Deformation behaviors of two TRIP-type multiphase steels with different carbon contents were studied by in situ neutron diffraction measurement during tensile deformation at RT. The tensile test was conducted in a step-load controlling manner during the elastic region, and in a continuous manner with a constant crosshead speed by an initial strain rate of 1.8×10-5 s-1 during the plastic region. Austenite grains were observed to bear higher phase stresses than ferrite grains in both steels. Austenite peak intensities started to decrease at the onsets of plastic deformation in both steels, showing the occurrence of stress induced martensitic transformations. Martensite peaks were carefully analyzed to estimate phase strains, and as the results martensite grains were found to bear largest phase stresses during plastic deformation.



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TRIP Steel Deformation Behavior by Neutron Diffraction

  • Stefanus Harjo (a1), Noriyuki Tsuchida (a2), Wu Gong (a1), Jun Abe (a1) and Kazuya Aizawa (a1)...


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