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The Tribological Behavior of MoS2-Cr Films Sliding Against an Aluminum Counterface

  • James E. Krzanowski (a1)


The tribological performance of MoS2-Cr films in a pin-on-disk test sliding against an aluminum ball has been examined in this study. The MoS2-Cr films were deposited by pulsed laser deposition (MoS2) and simultaneous sputter deposition of Cr, giving a Cr content in the film of 10 mol. %. The results were also compared with films of MoS2 alone. The frictional behavior of MoS2-Cr films was not improved compared to the MoS2 alone, so SEM/EDS studies of the ball and flat were conducted to determine the nature of the transfer films and examine any interface reactions that occurred during the pin-on-disk (POD) test. In the early stages of the POD test (500 cycles) on the MoS2-Cr film, Al-oxide particles formed and caused cratering and scratching of the wear track, and the coefficient of friction neared 0.7. At later stages (9000 cycles), a thick oxide-based transfer film formed on the ball, but on the flat the track composition was closer to that of the original coating. For the films without Cr, after 104 cycles a smooth wear track was observed, and a thin transfer film of MoS2 was found within grooves on the ball wear scar along with Al oxide, which resulted in superior tribological performance.



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The Tribological Behavior of MoS2-Cr Films Sliding Against an Aluminum Counterface

  • James E. Krzanowski (a1)


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