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Traps at the SiC/SiO2-Interface

  • Gerhard Pensl (a1), Michael Bassler (a1), Florin Ciobanu (a1), Valeri Afanas'ev (a2), Hiroshi Yano (a3), Tsunenobu Kimoto (a3) and Hiroyuki Matsunami (a3)...


The density of interface states Dit at SiC/SiO2 interfaces of different SiC polytypes (4H-, 6H- and 15R-SiC) is monitored and the origin of these states is discussed. The hydrogenation behavior of interface states in the temperature range from 250°C to 1000°C is studied by C-V and G-V investigations. The strong increase of Dit close to the 4H-SiC conduction band is attributed to defects located in the oxide (so-called “Near Interface Traps”).



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