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Transport and Optical Characteristics of Al-rich AlO Film and its Application to a Non-volatile Memory

  • Shunji Nakata (a1), Shingo Nagai (a2), Minoru Kumeda (a3), Takeshi Kawae (a4), Akiharu Morimoto (a5), Yoshitada Katagiri (a6) and Tatsuo Shimizu (a7)...


We propose the new process for fabricating Al-rich Al2O3 thin film, which is used as a charge storage layer for non-volatile Al2O3 memory. Nanoscale Al-rich thin film is deposited using RF magnetron co-sputtering by setting an Al metal plate on an Al2O3 target. Al-rich Al2O3 shows a larger conduction current in I-V characteristics and larger optical absorption than stoichiometric Al2O3 due to the increased electron trap sites. The C-V characteristics of the Al-rich Al2O3 thin film show a large hysteresis window due to the charge trapping effect in the Al-rich structure.



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