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Transport and Meissner Effect Studies for YBa2(Cuy1−xZnx)3O7

  • S. H. Bloom (a1), M. V. Kuric (a1), Y. S. Yao (a1), R. P. Guertin (a2), D. Nichols (a1), C. Jee (a1), A. Kebede (a1), J. E. Crow (a1), T. Mihalisin (a1), G. N. Myer (a1) and P. Schlottmann (a2)...


Single phase orthorhombic YBa2(Cuy1−xZnx)3O7 samples were formed for 0<x<0.16. The high T superconductivityXfor x=6 (T =90 K) is rapidly depressed with increasing x, and is quenched for x>0.08. Low field (<100 G) cooled magnetization studies show that the superconducting component decreases as x approaches the critical value for suppression of superconductivity, and this is supported by high resolution specific heat measurements in the vicinity of T. Temperature dependent electrical resistivity studies for x<0.08 show metallic behavior; for x>0.10 semiconducting behavior. The electrical resistance was studied at high quasihydrostatic pressures also, and for x=0.08 showed that T is depressed with increasing pressure: T → 0 K for P >10 GPa. This is in°contrast to YBa2(Cuy1−xZnx)3O7 where dT /dP>0. The data support evidence for the high sensitivity to chemical and ice perturbations of the physical properties of samples near the superconducting-normal transition region.



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1. Jee, See C., Nichols, D., Ciasullo, J., Crow, J.E., Mihalisin, T., Myer, G.N., Kurie, M.V., Bloom, S.H. and Guertin, R.P., this conference, and references therein.
2. Yao, Y.S., Guertin, R.P., Hinks, D.G., Jorgensen, J., Capone, D.W. II, submitted for publication.
3. Yao, Y.S. et al, unpublished work.


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