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Transmission Electron Diffraction Techniques for NM Scale Strain Measurement in Semiconductors

  • J. Vanhellemont (a1), K. G. F. Janssens (a2), S. Frabboni (a3), P. Smeys (a4), R. Balboni (a5) and A. Armigliato (a5)...


An overview is given of transmission electron microscopy techniques to address strain with nm scale spatial resolution. In particular the possibilities and limitations of (large angle) convergent beam electron diffraction ((LA)CBED) and electron diffraction contrast imaging (EDCI) techniques are discussed in detail. It will be shown by a few case studies that unique and quantitative information on local strain distributions can be obtained by the combined use of both (LA)CBED and EDCI in correlation with three dimensional finite element simulations of the strain distributions in the thinned specimen.



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Transmission Electron Diffraction Techniques for NM Scale Strain Measurement in Semiconductors

  • J. Vanhellemont (a1), K. G. F. Janssens (a2), S. Frabboni (a3), P. Smeys (a4), R. Balboni (a5) and A. Armigliato (a5)...


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